Avoid Micro-Management & Respect Each and Everyone

The wise person knows, just like breathing, smelling, opening and closing eyelid, eating, sleep happens automatically, just like that He believes that everything is happening by itself. I’m just doing nothing.

Same in business, do not try to micro-manage things. Some things happen by themselves. And let them happen in their own way. If you will spend your time micro-managing those small things then you will never be able to focus on other important things.

The another important thing is,

Sometimes people only respect certain people. Like some people only give respect to rich and financially sound people but they don’t pay attention to middle or lower income group people. Such behavior is not proper. Same way in the office as well, we give attention to some people and we might not give attention to the office boy, pun, watchman, cleaner, etc., or Senior Developer vs Junior Developer. One must consider each and everyone with equality. Each and everyone should be respected. Just say Hi or Hello and see the Joy that you and they get.

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