CSS Vendor Prefix

CSS Vendor Prefix Vendor Prefixes The CSS Browser (Vendor) prefix is a way to add support for new CSS features for the browser before those features are fully supported across all browsers. When CSS3 is popular, choose all sorts of new choices. Unfortunately, not all of them were browser-supported. The developers of the vendor service …

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CSS NameSpacing ClassName

CSS NameSpacing ClassName Namespacing can be used in any type of programming language, and the advantages are innumerable. However, with CSS, some of the advantages are not particularly obvious. We will take a look at the two most common namespacing usages in CSS and we will discuss their advantages in more detail. Variables Using variables …

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Common CSS Mistakes Should be Avoid

Common CSS Mistakes Should be Avoid Using PX when it’s not Needed Bad Good Not Using Shorthand Properties Bad Good Using Font Fallback Bad Good Repeating the Same code Bad Good Over Qualifying Selectors Bad Good Using Color Names Bad Good

Understand FontIcon Style

Linear It is the most common style of icon in projects. With its simplicity, it is perfect for a minimalist and modern style. Bold These icons have a fill. We often use them to emphasize the effect of an active option in the navigation of desktop or mobile applications. Two colors / Duocolor As the …

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User Interface Design Tips: Checkbox vs Toggle Switch

User Interface Design Tips: Checkbox vs Toggle Switch In practically every form of mobile or desktop application, website, or interface, interactivity, or user input, is anticipated. While utilizing an interface, users enter personal information, modify application settings, and navigate through various menus. It is our obligation as designers to give users the appropriate controls to …

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