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Vue JS Overview

Frontend frameworks like Vue JS are extremely popular because they give us this reactive, great user experience we know from mobile apps – but now in the browser! No wonder that jobs requiring frontend framework skills like VueJS are amongst the best paid ones in the industry!

You may know Angular 2+ and ReactJS, well, VueJS combines the best of both frameworks and makes building anything from small widgets to big, enterprise-level apps a breeze and a whole lot of fun!

And if you don’t know the two mentioned frameworks: That’s fine, too, this course does not expect any knowledge of any other frontend framework – you will learn it all throughout this Course!

We’ll start at the very basics, what Vue.js is and how it works before we move on to more complex and advanced topics but I’ll be honest: It’s too much to fit it all into one sentence, so here’s what you’ll learn in this Course.

Features To Learn Vue JS

Prerequisites To Learn Vue JS

Vue JS Training Includes

Vue JS Training Course Content


  • Vue JS Introduction

Basics and Core Concepts

  • Creating and Connecting Vue App Instances
  • Interpolation and Data Binding
  • Binding Attributes with the "v-bind" Directive
  • Understanding "methods" in Vue Apps
  • Working with Data inside of a Vue App

Rendering Conditional Content and List

  • Understanding the Problem
  • Rendering Content Conditionally
  • v-if, v-else and v-else-if

Vue : Behind the Scenes

  • An Introduction to Vue's Reactivity
  • Vue Reactivity: A Deep Dive
  • One App vs Multiple Apps
  • Understanding Templates
  • Working with Refs
  • How Vue Updates the DOM

Introducing Components

  • Introducing Components
  • Understanding the Problem
  • The Why: Building Complex User Interfaces With Components

Moving to a better development setup & workflow with the Vue CLI

  • Why We Need A Development Server
  • Why We Want A Better Developer Experience
  • Installing & Using the Vue CLI
  • Inspecting the Created Project
  • Inspecting the Vue Code & ".vue" Files
  • Adding the "Vetur" Extension to VS Code
  • More on ".vue" Files
  • A New Vue Project

Component communication

  • Introducing "Props" (Parent => Child Communication)
  • Prop Behavior & Changing Props
  • Validating Props
  • Working with Dynamic Prop Values

Diving Deeper into Components

  • Global vs Local Components
  • Scoped Styles
  • Introducing Slots


  • v-model & Inputs
  • Working with v-model Modifiers and Numbers
  • v-model and Dropdowns
  • Using v-model with Checkboxes & Radiobuttons
  • Adding Basic Form Validation
  • Building a Custom Control Component
  • Using v-model on Custom Components
  • Module Summary

Sending HTTP Request

  • Starting App & Why we need a Backend
  • Adding a Backend
  • How To (Not) Send Http Requests
  • Sending a POST Request to Store Data
  • Getting Data (GET Request) & Transforming Response Data
  • Loading Data When a Component Mounts
  • Showing a "Loading..." Message


  • What & Why?
  • Routing Setup
  • Registering & Rendering Routes

Animation & Transition

  • Animation Basics & CSS Transitions
  • Understanding CSS Animations

Vue & Authentication

  • How Authentication Works in Vue Apps (or any SPA)
  • Locking / Protecting Backend Resources
  • Adding an Authentication Page (Login & Signup)

Optimizing & Deploying

  • Optimization: Using Asynchronous Components
  • Building the Project For Production
  • Deploying a Vue App

Mini Project

  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Providing Weekend Training?

  • Yes We Providing Weekend training.

Can you provided certificate after training completion?

  • Yes, We will give a Certificate.

Can you adjust timing for my training session ?

  • Sure we can adjust training session as per your requirement.

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